Thursday, March 23, 2017

Notes on webinar on topic 3

Nice to get to know about the Zoom video conferece /webinar environment.
PLN network, Professional /Private Learning networks seems to be the way of collaboration in times to come. The knowledge kept more like a Bazaar rather than like a Cathedral as before. You may act and learn " Alone together".
 The Idea of PLN's came out of the concept of source crowding as seen on how ideas and skills from different directions got together and created new stuff and software companies. (as Linux, MySql etc)

 From this environment the joy and fun was recognized to be in the process of colloborative learning.
As individuals it is suggested to register a private domain name that always may be referred to, for example:

The LMS-way of keeping learning entities maybe has to step back for the PLN models, as they might live more than 4 months.

A LMS , Slack, was mentioned. -Have to look that up.

A possible disadvantage with PLN based learnig environments is that we can not expect everyone to have the same views and opinions as I have. You might not want to give  avay to much of your personal opinions etc as it sometime might be used against you.

 --To be  continued : 


  1. HI Rolf,

    What you mention as a possible disadvantage with a PLN I moreover find as an advantage (that other people have different opinions). Though I agree that it can be used against you.

  2. I agree with you both. I find this very interesting. I like the idea of sharing - that is both how we learn and teach. And interact with other people and friends, we share our thoughts.
    But, normally I don't share the same stuff with my friends as with my absent colleagues or strangers. Or maybe I share the same stuff but with different granularity or different perspectives. Example: I find it not so fun to share things on facebook because I need address a range of different contacts (relatives, old friends, former colleagues etc). But I know many are very keen on sharing things to all:)

  3. I agree with you Ulf. I also don't share everything with my collegues. With friends and family it is anyway better to use personal learning environments than digital tools. Byt I think that PLN is about abount sharing opinions, it is more about doing collaborative work in a limited time frame. In traditional physics and mathematics classes, usually the learning content is so difficult and overwhelming that you exchange you opinions only when you work on the assignments and other homework.