Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Final approach on the ONL 171 Course

Final thoughts: This was an interesting journey with a lot learned !

What really got me was that I learned to use Twitter for specific tasks, and the Tweetchat functionality.

To be able to fast respons to the poll in the webinar on the topic of boendes learned, I fond it conveniant to listen to the questions r├Ątter that to ready them as Im not a nation english speaker. That was done by having the TTSreader live on a second screen.

My answers to the PBL5 group questions, as read by TTSreader:


Some useful links are collected on the Useful links-folder on this blog.

The sound clip above was put togeher with:

Original text

TTSreader: http://ttsreader.com/
Audacity: http://www.audacityteam.org/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Topic 5 Where do we go from here?

The power of collaborating

An  excellent example of the power of collaborative learning is given by the way the Linux operating systems was developed. What is evident in these kinds of projekt is the joy and determination of the membes in the group and thats not easy to achieve in all learning projects.

The film below is mainly in English

Some questions to think of:

(These answers is to be presenatated with the Screencast tool:)

  1. Why were you interested in ONL171 course?

    I handle LMS systems at the Department of Physical Geography, and I see that education will change very much in the future since our spieces have enter the new level of intersecting.
  2. Which expections did you have when you clicked the buttom "Enroll me into this course"?

    I expected to learn new stuff (and share some of my own findings) as well as I was looking forward to meet others with similar expectations.
  3. How did you feel at the beginning of the course? Is it always easy to learn collaborative?

    I didn't know what was expected of me but I realised that working together was one of the tasks, together with learning new methods and gadgets.
  4. What did you bring with you out of this course?

    I see that it is easy to discover interesting methods etc and its hard to value the outcome. I miss a concept of "whats there to learn", from the beginning. On the other hand, this might also make the course more interesting.

  5. Is there something that you will change in the design of your course after we are finished with our journey?

    Well, i don't give courses, but I have some thoughts on this course.
    I would have liked to see all the 5 topics in advance, and some sort of progress bar attatched to the schedule.
    Well, We can see the activity-form as a progress bar.  

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Topic 4 Design for online and blended learning

Very intresting subject and a lot to read. An easy way to grasp hugh text blocks from the net is to use a synthetic reader as I found ttsreader to be very conveniant. http://ttsreader.com/

I attended the webinar and realized that it was a bit hard to follow as many concepts were new to me. Intresting to participate in an instant poll for personal thoughts in a scale from 1 to 5 with the web survey tool Surwey & Report giving us fast results including answers measured with precise standard deviation.

To be able to produce my answer fast I had to open a second screen with the Google Translate, http://translate.google.com (and http://tyda.se ) as Im not a native english speaker, to faster comperhend a swedish text (despite it comes weth some misspellings :) )

I was not really clear with the meaning of the reasult of the poll as I think it was easy to give many 3's as answer due to short time and it was hard to really get clear concepts of the questions...

Anyway, blended learning for courses is here to stay and I'll link to my fellow pbl5 group member Anna Trubetskaya who expressed theis clear: