Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Topic 4 Design for online and blended learning

Very intresting subject and a lot to read. An easy way to grasp hugh text blocks from the net is to use a synthetic reader as I found ttsreader to be very conveniant. http://ttsreader.com/

I attended the webinar and realized that it was a bit hard to follow as many concepts were new to me. Intresting to participate in an instant poll for personal thoughts in a scale from 1 to 5 with the web survey tool Surwey & Report giving us fast results including answers measured with precise standard deviation.

To be able to produce my answer fast I had to open a second screen with the Google Translate, http://translate.google.com (and http://tyda.se ) as Im not a native english speaker, to faster comperhend a swedish text (despite it comes weth some misspellings :) )

I was not really clear with the meaning of the reasult of the poll as I think it was easy to give many 3's as answer due to short time and it was hard to really get clear concepts of the questions...

Anyway, blended learning for courses is here to stay and I'll link to my fellow pbl5 group member Anna Trubetskaya who expressed theis clear:


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